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Association of Indians in Germany e.V.


Celebrating Holi, Diwali, and Yoga: Embracing Indian Culture in Germany

Updated: Mar 23


Dear Members of the Indian Community in Germany,

I am honored to present a comprehensive guide on behalf of the Association of Indians in Germany e.V. (AIG) that celebrates the vibrant traditions of Holi and Diwali, as well as the practice of Yoga, within the Indian community in Germany. As the Founder and President of AIG, Mr. Hargovind Rana, I am delighted to provide one-stop solutions to common queries and tailored information to enhance the cultural experience of our community members in Germany.

Embracing Holi, Diwali, and Yoga in Germany:

Holi, the festival of colors, and Diwali, the festival of lights, stand as pillars of Indian cultural heritage, symbolizing joy, unity, and the triumph of good over evil. Alongside these celebrations, the practice of Yoga, with its profound roots in Indian tradition, promotes holistic well-being. Embracing these cultural elements fosters a sense of community and enriches the lives of the Indian diaspora in Germany.

One-Stop Solutions to Common Queries:

This blog serves as a comprehensive resource to guide the Indian community through the celebration of Holi and Diwali, as well as the promotion of Yoga in Germany. From organizing Holi color events and sourcing traditional Diwali decorations to accessing Yoga classes and instructors, we aim to provide tailored solutions to enrich the cultural experience of our community members.

Tailored Solutions for the Indian Community:

Understanding the needs and context of the Indian community, this guide offers practical tips on organizing Holi color events, sourcing authentic Indian sweets for Diwali, and finding Yoga classes that resonate with Indian cultural values. Additionally, it provides insights on connecting with like-minded individuals and cultural associations to foster a sense of belonging in Germany.


In conclusion, I invite all members of the Indian community in Germany to wholeheartedly embrace the traditions of Holi and Diwali, and to actively engage in the practice of Yoga, while participating in the cultural events and initiatives organized by AIG. Let us come together to celebrate our heritage, promote holistic living, and foster a sense of community, guided by the vision and support of Mr. Hargovind Rana and the entire AIG team.

Warm regards,

Mr. Rana Hargovind Singh

Founder and President, Association of Indians in Germany e.V.

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